New week; Fresh Start!

I have learned a lot today, this past week.

I have learned that I need to be diligent.  I have almost decided that will be my word for 2013, but I will start early.
Diligent means having shown consciousness in one’s work and one’s duties. 
My duties as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, employee, co worker, student all need to included.
My work is the plan God has for my life as a teacher, student, researcher, writer.
In order to be diligent I need to show integrity, love, care and hope in order to complete my work and duties.
This past year I have made a lot of mistakes which will hinder my progress. Have you ever  noticed that the saying, “it takes as long to do it right as it does to it wrong? ” seems to be truthful statement.  
Although, it isn’t a new year, it is a new month and fresh start to a new wekk.
This month I need 30 ideas for 30 picture books, complete my course work on time and diligently with integrity, my duties, submit my CV to various jobs, work on my premise, develop my dissertation team and submit my prospectus.
Most important I need to go and watch my son graduate from Basic Training!!!!

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