The Tooth Mouse

A Book Review

The Tooth Mouse

Susan Hood

That is correct, the Tooth Mouse.  Not just any tooth mouse, but a mouse that provides innovative ideas on how to recycle teeth and models great character sets.  Ms. Hood did a terrific job in taking a classic and adding a spin to it!  Maybe this is how children see the tooth fairy in another culture, I don’t know.  In any case, I thought it was an enjoyable read and would recommend it to anyone who wants to discuss where teeth go once they are lost from a child.  Ms. Hood did a terrific job in providing just enough details so that the child and adult would finish this book in one setting.  I could visualize this book being read to a child as they are putting their tooth under a pillow. 

As stated in the above paragraph the story flowed from one section to another and provided a good secondary theme of work ethics that could be discussed with a child or used by an educator in a character development lesson.  The story did not talk down to a child, but it did not use language and vocabulary that a child could not understand.  The format of the book, text and illustrations, were put together in a wonderful sequential manner.  Great book!!

I have not been financially compensated for this book review.

 Kids Can Press

Pub Date   Aug 1 2012


17 Women Who Shook the World

Book Review

17 Women Who Shook the World

By Preethi Burkholder

Women have an influence in this world.  The women that Ms. Burkholder discussed in her book are women who worked hard to improve the world.  They were not all poor nor were they all rich.  They did have a clear and positive belief in themselves.  They believed that they could set out and accomplish their dream.  I enjoyed reading the short biographies of each of the women in this book.  Most of the women I knew, but there were a few that I had not heard of before, so it was interesting to read about those women as well.

While I enjoyed reading about the women, I thought that format of the book was somewhat off, I think the contents of the first few chapters could have been dispersed or not even included in the story.  The reason is because as I read about the women, those ideas and lessons were evident in the biographies of the women in this book. 

I have not been financially compensated for this book review.

Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Pub Date: Oct 9 2012  |  Archive Date: Feb 28 2013

I Hate PIcture Books

I Hate Picture Books

Written & Illustrated by Timothy Young

Not after reading this book you won’t!!!  This is a great way to introduce picture books to children.  I absolutely loved this book. I think anyone who reads this book will enjoy reading why this boy wants to get rid of his picture books.  Actually, this book reminded me why I like picture books. 

The illustrations match the text in a wonderful manner and the book flows along in fantastic manner.  The book is 32 pages long so I can’t really write much more without giving away the books ending.

However, I am certain that any reader, young and old, will enjoy reading this book.


I have not been financially compensated for this book review.

Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Pub Date: Mar 29 2013  |  Archive Date: May 31 2013

Angels Whisper in my Ear


Angels Whisper in my Ear: Incredible Stories of Hope and Love from the Angels


By Kyle Gray


Angels who help us!  This is true, angels do help us!  It just depends on who you believe send them to us for guidance and help.  Kyle Gray refers to himself as an angel whisperer and his goal is to help people.  He has a column in the Scottish Sun where he answers questions or tries to help people.  This book is about his journey from the time he discovered this gift until present day.  The book flows from one area to another with stories, true stories about the people and experiences that he encounters during this journey. 


The book provides a lot of information that can be proven if you look in the Bible.  I found it an encouraging book and Mr. Gray reminded me that angels are sent to help us.  We need to thank them for them help.  It is a great book and I highly recommend it for anyone who needs a little encouragement to turn their life around.


I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for review purposes.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.

Book Reivew: Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Christmas: a safety guide for scaredies

Such a cute story for Christmas!  Scaredy Squirrel is such a fun character that I know children (ages 6-110) will like him.  The illustrations and text are so intricate that it was such a pleasure to read.

The formatting of the book with all of its arrows pointing to Scaredy Squirrel, diagrams of the various character, lists that include pictures and the color of the text font. The organization of the books flows from one chapter to another chapter so smoothly. The safety measures for each section of Christmas were so so well put together and illustrated. I know that children will enjoy reading or having the story read to them during the Christmas season.

These safety measures for all aspects of christmas are included; preparing for christmas, Christmas decorations, food, Santa, pets and fun! Finally after a tremendous amount of advice for scaredies . . . who that would be telling.

Publisher: Kids Can Press

Published: Oct 1, 2012

Children’s Non-Fiction

Book Review: Dinosaur Countdown

Dinosaur countdown

               by Nicholas Oldland

                Kids Can Press

                Pub Date:  Aug 1 2012



Outlet:   Capstone Young Readers

Full Text:


                This book counts down various types of dinosaurs beginning at 10. The book provides an adjective to describe each dinosaur and illustrates each dinosaur.  At the end of the book Mr. Oldland provides a phonetic example of the name of each dinosaur. 



                This book provides an excellent format for a teacher to use to introduce backward counting. The colors are beautiful, the dinosaurs are well drawn and the text is can be easily explained.  The theme of dinosaurs is excellent because children love dinosaurs.

Would I purchase this Book?

                I would purchase this book to use as a teacher.

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