My word: Guard your words!

The year 2012 has been over for four days!  I know that you are all aware that it is 2013.

I have selected my word for the year:  STEWARDSHIP

My choice for a very long time was INTEGRITY.  I had been hearing that word form all angels, different people, and today as I am listening to Joyce Meyer.  One morning when I prayed about it, I went to a training and the instructor had the word on a sweatshirt that said Integrity.

Why did I choose stewardship?  Well, in order to be a good steward, the person has to has to take care of all of the gifts that God has given to that person. Integrity is one aspect of being a good steward.  I haven’t been a very good steward.  

Once upon a time I had a writing career that was on a upward swing and then it died.  Not only that but soon after, right after I realized what I had done I was diagnosed with Stage 3a Breast Cancer in one breast and Stage 1 breast cancer in the other, as well as, a benign tumor in that same one.  It was very scary time.

What has this to with choosing integrity over stewardship? As my career was going up, I started not to be able to meet deadlines, or write well.  I did tell the editors my issues, I did give them enough time.  Integrity!!   Well, integrity did not get the work completed, a good steward would have taken care of the situation with the integrity.  A good steward sees the road ahead and prepares for the outcome.  Integrity is part of being a good steward.

I have posted my writing goals on line.  I have even completed everything that needs to be completed in order to start those goals. I have been a good steward over my goals as a writer.

However, whatever writing goals you have posted or determined that you complete. What ever word you have chosen, remember something for me, okay?  Remember that your writing career is not the only aspect of your life, put out the  boundaries because it is important to you, but don’t forget you have a life.  Your life will infuse your writing, your writing will not infuse your life!

As I look at all of the aspects of my life, I realize that writing, teaching, and learning are my passion.  However, without good health, good friends and good relationships with your family, will your writing take care of you!  

One more thing and the sermon will be over.  Your word also applies to your spirit, your soul, your body, your relationships, your health, (get the message).

Stewardship: My definition; I need to be a good steward of everything in my and complete my journey with integrity. 



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