New Year, New Decisions

In my last blog, I discussed the reasons I chose Stewardship for word this year. This week I get to test the application of that word. WordPress is offering me the opportunity to buy my domain and another domain. The price is right, but I don’t know at this point if that is something that I would like to do.
In addition, I have been turned down to review books because my site does not appeal to the right audience. I find that interesting because the books appeal to me and I think that people who are like me would want to read my blog.

This may sound like whining, but this time last year I was just trying to navigate my way through blogs, book review sites and other issues related to my writing. Actually, the fact that I have these problems proves that I am making progress in my writing career.

Next week I may discus new issues or successes concerning this week’s goals. I will be submitting three query letters concerning topic in educational technology, a reflection devotion and research associated with writing adult nonfiction and fiction (a compare and contrast). In addition, I will finish some books, there should be at least three book reviews posted on Wednesday. I hope some of you will comment on these books. Finally, I hope to complete outlines for a picture book series titled Backyard Zoo and an outline for a futuristic mystery novel I started when I attempted NaNo 2012.
Gook luck with this week and enjoy your writing!


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