Resoluton Remorse


This year will be different!!

I wrote that and thought that idea several times all through December.  I am gung ho and still want to follow through on all of those resolutions.  However, when they are all written on one page I got scared.  Resolution remorse is realizing that the time has come. I st show my commitment will come, full force and realize I HAVE TO DO THIS NOW. 

I do not mean that I will be penalized, but I realize that I will regret that I did not do it for a very long time. A person, who is a good steward, looks at their life from the inside out and starts through from the person who will accomplish theses resolution. I am talking about myself. This really came home as I read Alayne Kay Christian’s blog on the subject of balance.  Please go see her blog and apply it to your new year’s resolution.

Book Reviews:

I will be posting some reviews of various books today.  I hope that you will read some of them.  I also hope that you are open to reading a book by a new author; it is a great way to introduce yourself to another part of the world.

The Children of Henry VIII

                                By John Guy

Price: $16.99                                                       © April 2013


The title “The Children of Henry VIII” by John guy provides the synopsis of this book.  Mr. Guy identified all of the children of Henry VIII’s wives and mistresses. The time line of their births are identified and verified by supporting event of the time.  The children are identifies by name, mother and title that Henry VIII gave to his children and their parents.  In addition, the events of their lives and deaths were detailed within the book. The relevance of Henry VIII’s need and desire for a son are explained and verified.  In addition, the rational reasoning(s) behind the reason Henry VIII had one living child with each woman.

I enjoyed the book and recommended the book to anyone with an interest or desire to know more about Henry VIII’ children.  It really is more than a history book, but a reflection of the times.  Mr. Guy’ provides interesting and logical reason as to why none of his children were able to successfully maintain a relationship and have children of their own. I recommend this book as good, well-written and easily the most factual book on the subject that I have read. Just so you know, it also one of those nonfiction books that are so well written, that you don’t want to put down.  I read it until 2 in the morning and picked it up the next morning.


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