17 Women Who Shook the World

Book Review

17 Women Who Shook the World

By Preethi Burkholder

Women have an influence in this world.  The women that Ms. Burkholder discussed in her book are women who worked hard to improve the world.  They were not all poor nor were they all rich.  They did have a clear and positive belief in themselves.  They believed that they could set out and accomplish their dream.  I enjoyed reading the short biographies of each of the women in this book.  Most of the women I knew, but there were a few that I had not heard of before, so it was interesting to read about those women as well.

While I enjoyed reading about the women, I thought that format of the book was somewhat off, I think the contents of the first few chapters could have been dispersed or not even included in the story.  The reason is because as I read about the women, those ideas and lessons were evident in the biographies of the women in this book. 

I have not been financially compensated for this book review.

Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Pub Date: Oct 9 2012  |  Archive Date: Feb 28 2013


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