The Tooth Mouse

A Book Review

The Tooth Mouse

Susan Hood

That is correct, the Tooth Mouse.  Not just any tooth mouse, but a mouse that provides innovative ideas on how to recycle teeth and models great character sets.  Ms. Hood did a terrific job in taking a classic and adding a spin to it!  Maybe this is how children see the tooth fairy in another culture, I don’t know.  In any case, I thought it was an enjoyable read and would recommend it to anyone who wants to discuss where teeth go once they are lost from a child.  Ms. Hood did a terrific job in providing just enough details so that the child and adult would finish this book in one setting.  I could visualize this book being read to a child as they are putting their tooth under a pillow. 

As stated in the above paragraph the story flowed from one section to another and provided a good secondary theme of work ethics that could be discussed with a child or used by an educator in a character development lesson.  The story did not talk down to a child, but it did not use language and vocabulary that a child could not understand.  The format of the book, text and illustrations, were put together in a wonderful sequential manner.  Great book!!

I have not been financially compensated for this book review.

 Kids Can Press

Pub Date   Aug 1 2012


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