Let’s meet the Librarians

A Book Review

Let’s Meet a Librarian

Gina Bellisario, Author; Ed Myer, Illustrator

Who are these energetic individuals who seem to know all? What is more they are so willing to share what they know with everyone who asks. This book encompasses all of the wonderful aspects of a librarian. The format and flow of the book moves the story right along, so that the children do not realize how much they are learning. What a wonderful way to introduce the librarian to the children.

This book has three chapters; a spy, no shushing allowed and a computer expert. Each of these chapters illustrate the librarian at our school. The librarian is able to put her hands on each aspect of research that is needed by an inquisitive student. Just like our librarian, no shushing is allowed, because she provides wonderful lessons that include noise and visuals to focus on her lessons. Finally, the computer expert, this is so true because everyone goes to the library for helps regardless of whether or not there is someone who has that title. The librarian is just such an intricate part of the school environment and culture.

The book hunt at the end of the story is a great way to provide a time for the students to get to know what the librarian does and what is in the library. This book hunt will help children become familiar with the library. This is wonderful! This book can be used on so many levels and different environment.  The book can be used by public librarians to explain what they can do to help their patrons.  School librarians and teachers can use this book to explain the same thing but with a different slant to the students.  In addition, parents can use the book to help their children understand the job librarians do each day.  This is one slant; I can see teachers using this book in their community service workers theme or to introduce the staff to their students at the beginning of the year.

The author put the text together in a wonderful way, but illustrations really put book together.   It is really very well put together book.

I have not been financially compensated for this book review.

Lerner Publishing Group

 Millbrook Press

Pub Date   Feb 1 2013


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