The Forbidden Text

A Book Review

The Forbidden Text

By Dawn Clark

The story begins with a great hook, however, it takes a too understand how the beginning connects to the rest of the story.  I did like the story and enjoyed reading the book and for the most part the book flows along pretty good. There are times when the author flips from one character or one thread of the story too quickly.  For example, the story is discussing the main character and then it flips over to a torture session.  As I read the story it turns out that this particular session really wasn’t necessary. Another issue is the paranormal abilities of the main character, it seemed as though her paranormal abilities developed for each scene.  It would have been better to have introduced the character and her paranormal abilities introduced a bit earlier. 

The sequences of events do not flow and there are some scenes that do not need to part of the story.  The story has great potential and has easily been split into two different stories.   As I read, I would get into the story and then the chapter would end.  A completely new theme would start and I would get into it and the chapter would end, again.  I really didn’t like this because there really wasn’t a segue into the next chapter.

I have not been financially compensated for this book review.

 Greenleaf Book Group Press

Pub Date   Feb 19 2013


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