Brewing Made Easy

A Book Review

Joe and Dennis Fisher
Storey Publishing
Pub Date: Jan 9 2013      |  Archive Date:      Jan 29 2013

I read with book because the subject matter interested me.  I was not disappointed by the content as it provided a great deal of information about the process of making beer.  In addition, one of my favorite authors always referenced home brewed bear in her stories so I was interested in determining how hard it was to make beer.

The book did provide a great deal of information, however, the sequence of events did not flow well for me.  I know a little something about the process of making beer. I grew up in Germany, lived in Minnesota and attended the Oktoberfest in both places.  I like the book as a whole. The authors provided great information and the instructions were written in a readable fashion.  However, I thought the arrangement of the materials could be a little different.  The chapters did not really flow and I think that putting the recipes of the beer next to the various degrees of the difficulty in making beer.   Despite those formatting issues, I did like the book.


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