A Woman’s Guide to Reading the Bible

Woman’s Guide to Reading the Bible in a Year, A

A Life-Changing Journey Into the Heart of God
Diane Stortz
Baker Publishing Group
Pub Date: Jan 1 2013      |  Archive Date:      Feb 1 2013

A Book Review

This guide to reading a bible was not what I had expected it to be when I started to read.  I had expected the table of contents to provide an introduction, topic and reading devotions within the Bible.  However, that is not what it turned out to be, the guide is just that a guide.  There are checkpoints and topics to follow along.  In addition, there are two ways to read this Bible, with a group or individually. However, the best part for me is the section where friend or acquaintances provided their own opinion of the guide.

This is a guide that I think will help women to see that God is just as concerned about them and that they are important.  In addition, the guide provides help for a women’s life.  Sometimes a person just needs to know that they are loved.  That is what God provides all of his children, love.


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