A Positive Approach

 The posts completed for today are all part of a positive approach to the world and provide lessons on how to make it so for the rest of us. 

The book reviews will include: Comforts from Roman: Celebrating the Gospel One Day at a Time, Jesus Today: Experience Hope through His Presence, Called to Serve, and Seasons of a Woman’s Life. All of them will be posted on my wordpress blog and Facebook page Michelle’s Book Reviews.  Please check them all out!

Seasons of a Woman’s Life

By Lois Evans

 Moody Publisher © 2013

Our Father, who is very much like a farmer, divides our life into a season of planting, growth, pruning and harvest. I like how Ms. Evans uses these details in our Christian journey which determines our calling. No matter where you are, raising teenagers, at dead end job, barely making it, remember it is only a season.

Although we don’t know what our call might entail, the initial start to this journey begins with the planting of seeds.  This is the time when God gives us our dream (our calling), he prunes and allows us learn lessons while we grow. The harvest, which provides a blueprint for our lives, is a time when the true meaning of our call from the Lord. 




Comforts from Roman: Celebrating the Gospel One Day at a Time

By Elyse M. Fitzpatrick                                                     

© 2013

Ms. Fitzpatrick provides monthly study devotion for men and women to study the chapter of Romans. This book provides a blueprint in order to help Christians become a study of the Bible. In the course of her study, Ms. Fitzpatrick helps the reader develop a relationship with our God and ourselves. It is also provides assistance on how to live in the work and be of the kingdom of God.

It is a good book and I am glad that she quoted Martin Luther in her book. Martin Luther was very similar to Paul and just wanted to serve God. He never wanted to be thrown out of the church, any more than Paul thought he was doing anything wrong in persecuting Christians. This book helps us to incorporate the truths of the Bible into our hearts so that we can be true servants of God.

Jesus Today: Experience Hope through His Presence

By Sarah Young

Thomas Nelson

Pub Date: Oct 9 2012   

Ms. Young also wrote Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence, a book that I enjoyed and read last year.  Jesus Today is written in a different formant than Ms. Young’s previous book. This format disappointed me a little at first because I really liked that format and looked forward to reading it in the same manner.  However as I read further into the book I began to see the other reason that the book did not appeal to me, is that I am going through the grieving process of my cancer treatment and Ms. Young’s book was just to hopeful.  However, it shook me out of my lethargy, so I prayed and the book began to speak to me. 

I feel bad that I am not giving this book a more positive review because I know other people who liked this book.  It is just that at times this book seemed more like it was dictating to me while including verses from the Bible. I would recommend this book to other people.



Called to Server: Encouragement, Support, and Inspiration for Military Families


Lt.Col. Tony Monetti & Penny Monetti

My husband is retired Navy, so many of the example that the author used in their book were very familiar to me.  I just wish that I had read this book while my husband served his 20 years in the Navy.  May of the devotions and lessons provided by this couple were familiar to me. They also included several organizations that I would have reached out to for help. This book should be included in the package that the ombudsman provides
to the spouses when their significant other joins a command.

The three stories that I really related to were those about money, the returning spouse from deployment and anything go wrong it would occur as soon as the ship left the dock.  I swear, my car knew just went the ship left the dock because it would die for whatever reason. This book applies to all wives from all parts of divided were great different service branches.   The organizations that they provided are great resources.



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