Children’s Non Fiction Review

Children’s Fiction

            The books I will post today are considered children’s’ fiction.  As I tell my students, fiction means fake and nonfiction means not fake.  Either way the books are appeal to the my inner child. When I read a children’s’ book, the teacher in me also come out.  Both of these aspects of my personality come to the surface. These are the questions that I ask myself:

–          Would my students’ enjoy this book?  Would my children like this book?

–          What lessons do they teach?

–          Which subjects can I use them in?

Well, my own children are now young adults, but when they were younger I would read to them a great deal and made them read to me.  In addition, the students I teach are between 5-9 years old, I look to see what subjects I can use the book to help emphasize a point.

            Use the preceding comments as lens are you read the book reviews for the following books:

What Daddy Did Today: A Father’s Bedtime Story

By Walter Wally

Two Harbors Press Pub Date: Nov 20 2012

This story is great!  I can see a Father sitting next to his child and telling them all about their day.  All of the adventures and activities that he went through during the course of the day in his office wear.  I guess that to wear proper attire would not be keeping because the child would be aware of the clothes that he wore when he left the house.  I loved it!

I thought of my husband, who was in the Navy, left in his uniform every day and would tell our children very interesting stories about his day.  This story followed along my husband’s story and the longer the story the more adventures. 

I truly enjoyed this story!!







 Cat Comes To


By Hazel Hutchins


Annick Press Ltd.


Pub Date: Feb 4 2013


This story was cute and I don’t really like cats.  This cat got into everything, but ended     being helpful in the end. The pictures told the story, but the words     accentuated.  The story reminded me     of a family cat that always followed me all around the house.  I think that like this cat, that family     cat really was trying to be helpful.   It was a great story!


The pictures were well drawn and I would use this story     to help reinforce some of the sight words and encourage the use of verbs in     writing. In addition, the story is a great way to help a student read.  





Lester’s Dreadful Sweaters

By K.G. Campbell

Kids Can Press

Pub Date: Sep 1 2012

The poor, those sweaters were really awful!  I feel so sorry for him, except that I think that aunt really was trying to help him out.  Although to be honest I have never seen so many awful sweaters in my life.  However, the story brings another slant to an old cliché “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and without giving away the ending this is definitely how this story rings true.

I had a great aunt Clara who lived until she was a 100 years old; actually she was a month shy of her 101 years old.  I make this point because Cousin Clara in Lester’s Dreadful Sweater s reminded me of her. Aunt Clara was just a little off, just like Cousin Clara.  I actually felt sorry for Lester because of those awful sweaters.   A lesson Lester learned at the end of this book.

It was an enjoyable book and I think many boys will enjoy it.  Many boys have had to wear awful clothes to please a relative.The main thought I had about this was how on earth this woman could knit so many and so much during a short period of time.

Mosey’s Field

By Barbara Lockhart, Illustrated by Heather Crow

Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Pub Date: Mar 29 2013

In the dedication page of the book, the author or illustrator wrote that this story based on happy memories of their time on the farm. I can see why!  My Grandmother had a farm that we all enjoyed visiting, especially the barn where we would swing for hours.  Her dog Peggy would follow us around, but she had her own special place and would always end up near the chicken coop by the cow’s barn, which was near a field.  This book, especially Mosey reminded me of Peggy, my Grandmother’s dog.  My Grandmother and Peggy have been gone for years, but this Tory brought back memories from those days. 

I think that people from my generation will remember event from their childhood and I think that children will enjoy Mosey’s field.  It is a great story.



Cupcake Queen

By Marci Peschke

Capstone Young Readers

Pub Date: Feb 1 2013

Cupcake Queen reminded me of the day when my friends of mine would develop a carnival for MS. We did this for three summers and discontinued when we entered high school.  Kylie Jean and her friends reminded me of those days.  However, the story was kind of disjointed; it went from wanting to earn money, finding a product, starting a business and then raising money for a dog shelter.  It is a very positive e story, but in my opinion it read like each chapter started out as spate story and then it was put together.  However, I think that girls would enjoy reading the story and see them in the story or even as Kylie Jean.





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