A New Way to Market Anything!

 Pinterest Power:  Market Your Business, Sell Your Product, and Build Your Brand on the World’s Hottest Social Network

Authors:  Jason Miles, Karen Lacey

Publisher:  McGraw-Hill Professional

Pub Date: Oct 9 2012   


 This book walks the reader through various uses of Pinterest. Not only does it show the reader how to market the a product, but it provides the history and the many uses of this social network.  


The book provided some great insight into the development and use of Pinterest.  I just recently began developing my own boards in Pinterest for personal and professional use.  This book makes a lot of things very clear about how to use Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great new social media, not a communication, but a visual form of communication with other people. I really like this form of visual communication with other people.  The boards are kind of addictive and I can see how business can utilize this social media to promote businesses, products and share ideas and journeys with other people.

It is a good book!

Michelle Dragalin




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