Comfort for Today


 Comfort for Today


Comforts from Romans: Celebrating the Gospel One Day at a Time

By Elyse M. Fitzpatrick

Publisher: Crossway Date: © 2013  


Ms. Fitzpatrick provides a monthly study plus one to three days in order to study Romans. Not only provide a study but devotion for men and women.  This book provides a blueprint in order to help a student, rather Christians, which will help penetrate our heart and open our minds. The author provides a day to day assistance in helping us to develop a relationship with our Lord. In addition, to developing a relationship with our God and ourselves, this book assists us in living in the world and be of the kingdom of God.


It is a good book and I am glad that she quoted Martin Luther in her book.  Martin Luther is a monk who just wanted to debate theology but was thrown out of the Catholic Church for heresy.  Pretty harsh!  This book helps us to incorporate the truths of the Bible into our hearts.

Michelle Dragalin

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