Help for the Weary Student

The Research Virtuoso: How to Find Anything You Need to Know

Toronto Public Library

Publisher: Annick Press

Pub Date: Feb 1 2012  |   


The book provides not only a number of templates, but instructions and suggestion on how to use them for your research paper.  The author writes in an easy going manner that suggests that he has been a graduate program and knows how hard it is to write a paper. 



The book was great!  I am currently in a graduate program in PhD education with a specialization in Educational Technology. This book provided some example of how to research and keep that information. AS any person in research know, it is important to keep an accurate record of information a person research.  Plagiarism is a hot topic and a very sensitive topic.  No university or publication wants to be a position where information that is not properly cited.  In addition, they want original thought on old topics that relevant in today’s’ world.

This book provided templates and excellent advice on how to research and write papers.   Nice job!

Michelle Dragalin

Michelle Dragalin’s Book Review (Facebook)

Twitter:  @play10


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