Lessons Learned through Culture

Lessons Learned through Culture

Lesson Learned: Leadership Lessons from the Cherokee Chief who transformed his Nation


Chad “Corntassel” Smith

Mr. Smith utilized a traditional Cherokee prayer and based his leadership model on this prayer.  He utilized learning as way to improve life for the Cherokee nation. As a teacher in a turnaround school, I wonder if this format would help bring out the best of the school. If this format would improved test scores and improve the culture within the school.  This sure seemed to help the Cherokee nation.

I understand there is difference between a school and an entire nation.  However, the basics are there prayer that Chad “Corntassel” Smith used is sound.  In order to get the return educators need to know their students and understand where they come from, but not use it as an excuse to keep them for growing. The principals are sound and can help rebuild Nation, could help rebuild a school. 


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