Finding the Information

Finding the Information

The Genealogists Internet  

By Peter Christian


The   nonfiction book helps individuals to look up their family history.  Most of the resources listed in this book are sources that I would use to search.  However, the author did list some other ideas that would help a genealogist.

The internet makes the information available, but it takes a huge amount of individual time and energy to put this information into a personal data service, partnership with a commercial firm for a combined data service, licensing of the data to their parties. This book provides many shortcuts for the hobbyists or professional in order to track down their family history.


This is a little off topic but l learned that URL means Uniform Resource Locator.  That is exactly what this book does it provides the reader with a way and the means to locate information. The internet provides a great way to preserve the documents, photos, and other evidence of the past. These documents and papers are very fragile, so fragile that the papers must be handled with care.  In order to handle them a person needs to wear gloves.  This information is scanned into the internet for us.  This book provides us a way to find this information.




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