Habitually Putting God First

market plan;Principle 11: To Lead Like Jesus, Meet Challenges by Meeting with Him

Mary Crabtree has issued a challenge to pray for our children by following the guidelines that Tricia Goyer stated in this chapter; i.e. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. I have agreed and accepted that challenge. This is what I do, I accept challenges on a regular basis and wonder why I fail. This month I will meet my challenges by meeting with Him regularly. I will follow the guidelines in Principle 11 which is meet challenges by meeting with God first.

My challenges include, but are not limited to the following: Wife, Mother to two young adults, Teacher to children with special needs; Co-worker to people who are in a low performing school; attaining my PhD in Education (need to finish all by February-July 2014), leveling my finances for the future, writing, finding an online position and losing weight in order to keep my cancer and its side effects in remission.

I don’t meet my challenges by meeting with God on a daily basis. Oh, I have a prayer list that I regular update, but when I look back on my previous journals I see the same requests. Today during my worship time I watched a podcast by Joyce Meyer and in the corner as a tag that said joycemeyer.org/habits. I also watched a podcast by Joel Osteen that said take off your negative labels and my devotion question was “what are you going to do to accomplish this change?”

The answer to my devotional was to ignore it and get ready for tomorrow. I read the next part of launching “Lead Your Family LIke Jesus” and looked at the options. Every notice how stubborn our God can be? The angels were busy tonight, but okay God.

Here is my answer: Beginning on March 31, 2013 Easter Day; I will accept the 14 day dare and 30 day challenge to follow Principle 11 (to lead like Jesus, learn to meet your challenges by meeting with Him regularly). I will go do my evening devotions at 9:30 and go to bed at 10:00. I will wake up at 5:00 and begin my meeting with God. I will complete the 14 day dare, but I will do this throughout the month of April. I invite you to follow along and leave your comments.Image


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