Habitually Following God: Day Four

Habitually Following GodImage

Day 4
Today I learned that following God is a habit, seeking the face of God first thing in the morning is reminding me that I don’t need to go to him.  I can spend time for him.
Today I realized that I do to God what my children to me.  Actually, I know a lot of people who I do this to and do it to me.  What is it?  
“When I need you, then I will come to see you!”
“During an emergency or crisis I will go to God!”
Sound familiar?  I know, I know that is what God is there for, to help us in our need.  To provide for us in our need.  
Today I thought about it in another light.  My children who I love, call me when they want me to add something to the grocery list, need help with a problem, stop and talk with me when they need a ride somewhere.  For a long time and it still continues, my children come to me when they need something.  I know they come to me because they know that I will help them out in whatever manner I can, but you know it is really nice when one of them says “Mom, I’m going to McDonald’s, can I get you a pop?” or “Mom, thanks for driving me, do you what a cup of coffee?”  When they sit down and tell me about their day because they want to.
The same is true with coworkers, “Michelle, can you help me with this?” or “Michelle, do you know _____?”  Now the truth is, I do the same.  I will go see someone when I need help or need them to do something in order to make my job easier?
As I write this, I want to say well everyone does it!  I want to say, you don’t know my children or my co workers.  The truth is most of my relationships with God and people revolve around the “what can you do for me’ philosophy  Unfortunately, this is a principle that I have taught my children well.  It makes me very sad to think that my children or people will come to me when they need something, not for any other reason because that is how I approach my relationships.
As I seek God in the morning, for no other reason but to seek him, have a cup of coffee with him.  I think that I can show my children, who are young adults that relationships are built on other things.  Such as just loving them!

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