Habitually Following God, Day 5

Habitually Following God

April 5, 2013
Today I thought I should find a catching title for the post, however, the title suits me because this is what I am trying to do, habitually following God.  Today as I got out of bed, I realized that I am getting up early enough to spend 15 minutes with God, but I am still leaving at the same time.  This means that I am still getting to work 15 minutes late.
Although my days are going better, this thought made me feel a little down because if I were habitually following God I would be at work on time.  Once I had that thought, I thought that maybe the reason that I listening to my Bible was to keep from listening to the fundraising on KLove.  The next thought was that i should be giving more to KLove since the songs and messages inspire me so much.  It kept going, until I realized that perhaps the devil was trying to get me to down play my one victory.  That victory is that I am getting up earlier, praying and seeking God more.  I am listening to KLove as part of my worship and reading my Bible.  
The other things, yes I need to work on them, I have lots of bad habits.  The main issue is procrastination.  I could list a lot on that subject.  So I think I will just keep on with habitually seeking God but I will getting up earlier and earlier.  Tomorrow, I don’t work so I will check on a few other blogs and share some of their thoughts with you as well. 
However, I like to think that God is just happier that I am seeking him without looking for a payoff. Image

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