Habitually Following God: Image

April 7, 2013
Day 6
The “experts” say that in order to develop a habit, make a habit or break a habit, one should do it continuously for 30 days.  I tend to agree, however in the past I would begin a habit, get used to it, start a new habit and continue that for 30 days, sometimes I started as many as 8 habits in one week.  then I would get upset and annoyed with all of them and myself, cease, call myself a failure and stop. 
A decision needs to be made as to why this is a good habit and why I am following it:
“Am I seeking to serve God and the well-being of my family members, or am I seeking my own self-interest?”
My answer is yes to both, you see if I serve God it will help my family members and do so would be to my own self interest because I want good relationships with my family.
In order to lead like Jesus I need to align four leaderships domains:
Heart:  the character and the values you employ as you lead and influence your children.
Head: Your viewpoint and beliefs about leading and influencing your children
Hands: what you actually do when leading and influencing your children.
Habits: how you continually refocus your desire to lead and influence your children.
Give away time:  
I have three books that I believe are related and will give away to at the end of this month.  Between now and April 14th, I would like you to transform a chapter in Psalms into a prayer.  The argument can me made that they are already a prayer as development mainly by David, but that is my challenge.
Three people will be chosen based on :
1. how many of the domains they include in their prayer
2.  citing the prayer from Psalms
The books that I will give away are:
Stumbling into grace by Lisa Harper
Just Like Jesus by Max Lucado
Lead Your FAmily Like Jesus by Ken Blanchard, Phil Hodges & Tricia Goyer
I look forward to reading them!!!!



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