beginning Prayers

beginning Prayers

Here is to Purposeful Beginnings

beginning Prayer
John Killinger
Upper Room Nashville (c) 2012

A great reminder on the different approached to prayer on a daily basis. Each chapter provides a prayer technique, an example of how to use that prayer and reflection by the author.


In the beginning of this book, Mr. Killinger made the suggestion that a mature Christina may not need this book. I would suggest that everyone regardless of their stage of Christian development would find this book helpful.

Some of the suggestion I found helpful (I am not a mature Christian):
– find a quiet place
-ask God questions
-listen to God as he asks you questions
-have a ritual in place
-think or reflect on a dream
-reflect on blessings
-reflect on good memories of a person or time

There are more, but those are the suggestions that i found particularly helpful. I, particularly thought the suggestion to reflect on good memories of a person who hurt or critiqued you. I have been trying to forgive some individual who were particularly hurtful. They weren’t hurtful once but over a long period of time and deliberately so towards me. One in particular hurt me during a very tough time in my life. I have prayed for the strength to forgive them, but every so often a memory triggers how hurtful they were and I go over the whole thing in my mind again.
I used this suggestion and a small knot lessen inside of me. It will take more time, but the fact that this lessen it a bit suggests it will work.

Read this book, regardless of where you are in your journey and I think you will find it helpful.


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