Habitually Following God!

Today I would like to state that the authors of Lead Your Family Like Jesus have been doing a lot to launch this book.  There is a Facebook page devoted to the book, several tweets, Pinterest Board. In addition, they have been completed several talk shows in promoting the book. I really want to share this book and I am offering it as a prize, one of three, for anyone who shares a prayer from one of the psalms with all of us.


I posted a book review and I have several that I will posting in the next few days. I have over a 100, more like 200 books that I have read and would like to share with all of you. I LOVE TO READ!! I DO NOT LIKE TO READ A BAD BOOK!! HOWEVER, . . . uhm . . I sometimes read through a book. Anyway those of you who follow regularly will soon read through an avalanche of book reviews. I will try to make them interesting and offer posts up along with them.


Finally, the newest book review provided me with some good ideas to incorporate into my new habit of seeking God first. Seeking God first in the morning, when I wake up and during the day as I face my daily challenges. Thank you, all of you who follow me!!


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