Uninstall: Habitually Seeking God first!

Today I spent a lot of time uninstalling programs in this computer; It had become exceedingly frustrating to wait forever (2-5 minutes) for the computer to open.  Another few minutes trying to get to the site that I needed, while a bunch of spam, advertisements and a picture of someone all appeared on the screen.  When I finally arrived at the site I needed it would: 1) crash, 2) shut the site down and/or 3) freeze. Not the best way to try and take attendance on the computer. 

So . .  I uninstalled several programs and restarted the computer. I should also mention that I have been inserting the internet cord so that I did not have to worry about the internet not working .  In my classroom, the wireless internet works in half of the room and will shut down in the other half on occasion.

The way the computer has been handling since the uninstallation of the programs and the use of the internet cord has made me happy.  The cursor is not jumping around the screen, the programs are coming up nicely and the spam, advertisements and other irritants have not been popping up at random.  Really good!!

This brings up the title of this blog (at least in my mind it does). When a person uninstalls a program there are a series of consistent steps have to be followed in order for the program to be removed.  The user opens the computer to the desktop and clicks on the control panel.  On the control panel, the user clicks on the uninstall program outlet and waits for the control panel to load.  Next,the user can either search for the programs or click on date installed and have the programs load the consectively.  (I highly reccommend this process because the user can locate the programs quicker.) Click on the program, right click, click unistall, wait while it unistalls (DON’T DO ANYTHING ELSE WHILE THE PROGRAM UNINSTALLS BECAUSE THE PROCESS WILL HAVE TO START OVER AGAIN.)  Sometimes the program is attached to another program and the user is asked about this and/or the  user will note that another program has been affected or uninstalled.  The computer has to be either restarted or completely shut down the computer for a few minutes.  The computer is restarted and the process of uninstallation begins again .

The same process is used to begin a new habit.  The new habit will trigger other habits or affect other habits, good or bad.  I have noticed that, while I am trying to establish this new habit, I have to uninstall more than one bad habit. The reason is that these other habits (good or bad) affect the develop of this new one. 

Many people will say that it is the enemy causing me to stop this habit.  I don’t disagree. However, those of you who have read my earlier posts will note that STEWARDSHIP is my word for the year.  I spent two months reflecting on this word, researching it’s use in the Bible, research internet, and reference materials. I realized I needed to spend more time reading and reflecting what  the Bible says and says to me. As I read the book Leading Your Family Like Jesus, I realized that I need to seek God each morning. Now I need to uninstall some programs in the same manner I uninstalled those programs that affected my computer.

It isn’t an easy process!! Nor is it for the weak and scared!!


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