Board Stiff

Book Reivew

Book Reivew

An Elliott Lisbon Mystery (#1)
Kendel Lynn

Elliott Lisbon is the director of the Ballantyne Foundation on Sea Pine Island, SC. In addition to her other responsibilities for the foundation, she makes discreet inquiries for Foundation donors, which are no more serious than checking on minor mishaps of the board of directors and keeping their names from receiving bad publicity that will reflect on the foundation. That is until Jane Hatting, Ballantyne board chair, is accused of murder. The Ballantyne’s already suspect reputation become worse, Jane is headed to a jail, and Elliott’s sexy ex, a man she has not seen for over 20 years, is the new lieutenant in town.

Elliot uses the hours to apply to her P.I. license (she would like to that is), but the closer she gets to the truth, the more treacherous her investigation becomes: a brutal attack on her own suspect and the murder of a witness.

This book is part of the Henery Press Mystery Series Collection, if you like one, you’ll probably like them all! BOARD STIFF is the first book in the Elliott Lisbon humorous mystery series. Bonus: Includes book club discussion questions.


My opinion of the book fluctuates; if you are a hard core mystery reader than this book is probably not for you. If you like cozy mysteries and want something fun to read, than this is your book. Throughout the whole book I wondered how this woman could run a foundation when she was clearly at everyone’s beck and call. Towards the end she seem to develop the backbone that was missing throughout the book. Again, it is well written and enjoyable , but I think I need to read this story in spurts.


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