I Should Have Stayed Home


I Should Have Stayed Home
A Novel
Horace McCoy

Ralph Carston has come to Hollywood to become a star. However, Ralph finds that his accent is one strike against him. He is staying with Mona Matthews, who is also trying for the brass ring of stardom. Events in a courtroom ring them the notoriety and inclusion into a social circle that was formally denied to them. Ralph becomes a “special friend” to a wealthy widow who says she will help him, but really won’t. This book describes an existence of what happens when a dream does not come true, but you don’t or can’t really go back home.

This sad story was written from the perspective of a man who is trying to make it in Hollywood. There are times I feel sorry for him, but there are other times when I think “grow a spine.” Either way, I suggest you read the book from the perspective that this book takes a real look at how dreams die.


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