Something Wicked


Something Wicked (The Colony)
Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush
Kensington Books


A group of women who are related live together on an Oregon coastal hamlet of Deception Bay. They have a variety of powers that are extremely scary. One of the women had the power to seduce men and as a result had several children. Most of the boys were adopted out, the one who stayed is dead and one of the adopted sons is coming back . . . .

Detective Savannah Dunbar, who is eight months into a surrogate pregnancy for her sister Kristina. Savannah wants to have the baby, wrap up her paperwork so she can have a stress free medical leave, and return to her work. However, a double murder has interrupted those plans, a request from the Colony and something is bothering her sister.

There is evil in the air and Savannah is right in the middle of it.


This book grips you as you are reading the story. Just when you think you have it figured out, it changes or another element has been added to the story. Do not read the book alone with a fire burning, it is most definitely a book to read during the broad light of day. But read it!!!


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