The Monster Tamer

The Golden Twine

By Jo Rioux

Kids Can Press

Suri wants to be a monster tamer and rid the world of monsters.

The ball of magical golden string that Suri finds in the road belongs to a trio of vicious tiger monster called “caitsiths” who use the string, a golden twine, that masquerade as humans and really, really want it back. During this time, Suri achieves her ambition of becoming a monster tamer when she meets Byron, a friendly, very, very, large dog, and the rude 500-year-old imp Caglio who (unexplained  by the storyteller) created him. Suri explores and runs through Rioux’s explicit character driven world as Suri evades the pursuers and bounced back from every difficult exploration. After several narrow escapes, the author sends Suri down her path, with the dog and imp in tow, as she continued within her career as a monster tamer.


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