It’s Time

The Lenten season has begun and at Ash Wednesday service last night we were asked to set up a convent with God.  I promised that I would add a walk to my daily routine and go to bed before 11:00.  This goes along with one of the books that I am reviewing called the Daniel’s Plan.  It is a health plan designed by Rick Warren and a few others.  I will discuss them more as the Lenten Season progresses.

Although it has been a while since I blogged I have decided that I need to get back into it, my brain is so full of ideas, thoughts and plans that I can no longer keep them in my journal.  However, I plan on continuing with that habit as well.  In addition, to my above statement I would also like to say that I have accepted and will join in the 30/30 challenge from the Joyce Meyer Ministeies. It promises to be a busy time.

The whole point is that this will not just be for a month, but I will ingrain these items into my lifestyle.  My life is always packed with a lot of activities.  I plan on completing my dissertation this year and attain my degree in PhD in Education with a specialization in Educational Technology. This is in addition to by duties as center based special educator, which includes professional developments, training and recertification courses.

This year also includes my duties as an Elf for Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 in 2014 forum.  The past couple of months were spent helping people to establish critique groups.  During the remainder of the year I plan on posting monthly discussion questions and adding resources to the various forum that I “help” out.  Finally, I will complete picture books and hopefully land a literary agent this year.

Writing includes so much for me!  It is never just about writing a book.  There are many things that I find interesting and I want to write about them.  I love to read books that others have written. In addition to providing me with entertainment, it also provides me with a way to examine other authors’ style of writing. This provides with a course of sort and I plan on blogging about it this year.  Each month I hope to take one author or three and write about their style.  This would include themes, research, style and whatever else I find interesting.

I have concluded that I need to find my niche in writing.  In addition, I will hopefully continue on my journey so that I can receive my income from what I most love to do, which is writing and reading good books.  However, I am realistic enough to know that I will never stop being a teacher, since I have always wanted to do that since I put my stuffed animals and dolls on my bed, as I “taught” them.

Have a great day everyone!


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