The Monster Tamer

The Golden Twine

By Jo Rioux

Kids Can Press

Suri wants to be a monster tamer and rid the world of monsters.

The ball of magical golden string that Suri finds in the road belongs to a trio of vicious tiger monster called “caitsiths” who use the string, a golden twine, that masquerade as humans and really, really want it back. During this time, Suri achieves her ambition of becoming a monster tamer when she meets Byron, a friendly, very, very, large dog, and the rude 500-year-old imp Caglio who (unexplained  by the storyteller) created him. Suri explores and runs through Rioux’s explicit character driven world as Suri evades the pursuers and bounced back from every difficult exploration. After several narrow escapes, the author sends Suri down her path, with the dog and imp in tow, as she continued within her career as a monster tamer.


Help for the Weary Student

The Research Virtuoso: How to Find Anything You Need to Know

Toronto Public Library

Publisher: Annick Press

Pub Date: Feb 1 2012  |   


The book provides not only a number of templates, but instructions and suggestion on how to use them for your research paper.  The author writes in an easy going manner that suggests that he has been a graduate program and knows how hard it is to write a paper. 



The book was great!  I am currently in a graduate program in PhD education with a specialization in Educational Technology. This book provided some example of how to research and keep that information. AS any person in research know, it is important to keep an accurate record of information a person research.  Plagiarism is a hot topic and a very sensitive topic.  No university or publication wants to be a position where information that is not properly cited.  In addition, they want original thought on old topics that relevant in today’s’ world.

This book provided templates and excellent advice on how to research and write papers.   Nice job!

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Mimi’s Village

A Book Review

Mimi’s Village

And How Basic Health Care Transformed It

Katie Smith Milway

Kids Can Press

Pub Date: Aug 1 2012 | Archive Date: Not set

What a great book for to introduce student to the importance of good health practices! This story provides an interesting way to explain and describe good health practices.  The story is written in such a method that explains why prevention is so important and how a little knowledge can help with prevention.  This book could also be used as a part of a social studies unit and provide older students with information as part of research.

The Stone Hatchlings

A Book Review

The Stone Hatchlings

Sarah Tsiang

What child would not have done the same thing as the main character in this story?  In fact I can see myself doing the same thing regardless of what my Mom and Dad would have said to me.  In fact I can remember doing very much the same thing as a young child.  However, I did have the luck or skill that Abby did in this story.

This story reminded me of achildhood memory.  I would not be surprised to learn that they is someone childhood memory and polished up by that person or someone that they know.  The story flowed in a sequential manner.

Luca Lashes Visits Mommy in the Hospital

A Book Review

Nicole and Damir Fonovich
PR by the Book
Pub Date: Jan 15 2013  |  Archive Date: Not set

Great Story!  Great story in so many ways!  The authors wrote and illustrated a wonderful story that is not about Mommy having a baby in the hospital.  This story provides a original outlook on visiting a sick person in the hospital.  The end of the book provides great suggestions on how to bring a child to the hospital for a visit.  I highly recommend the book both as an instructional piece and as a story. 

Monster Knows Numbers

Lori Capote
Capstone Young Readers
Pub Date: Feb 1 2013  |  Archive Date: Not set

A Book Review

This is a great book for a  teacher to teach backwards counting.  It has all of the  necessary ingredients to make it interesting lesson for math. The illustrations were wonderful.  I read this book with one of my students and he loved it.  He wanted me to read it twice and then he read it to me.  It was really greate\ to see him take such an interest in the book.

The Forbidden Text

A Book Review

The Forbidden Text

By Dawn Clark

The story begins with a great hook, however, it takes a too understand how the beginning connects to the rest of the story.  I did like the story and enjoyed reading the book and for the most part the book flows along pretty good. There are times when the author flips from one character or one thread of the story too quickly.  For example, the story is discussing the main character and then it flips over to a torture session.  As I read the story it turns out that this particular session really wasn’t necessary. Another issue is the paranormal abilities of the main character, it seemed as though her paranormal abilities developed for each scene.  It would have been better to have introduced the character and her paranormal abilities introduced a bit earlier. 

The sequences of events do not flow and there are some scenes that do not need to part of the story.  The story has great potential and has easily been split into two different stories.   As I read, I would get into the story and then the chapter would end.  A completely new theme would start and I would get into it and the chapter would end, again.  I really didn’t like this because there really wasn’t a segue into the next chapter.

I have not been financially compensated for this book review.

 Greenleaf Book Group Press

Pub Date   Feb 19 2013