The Monster Tamer

The Golden Twine

By Jo Rioux

Kids Can Press

Suri wants to be a monster tamer and rid the world of monsters.

The ball of magical golden string that Suri finds in the road belongs to a trio of vicious tiger monster called “caitsiths” who use the string, a golden twine, that masquerade as humans and really, really want it back. During this time, Suri achieves her ambition of becoming a monster tamer when she meets Byron, a friendly, very, very, large dog, and the rude 500-year-old imp Caglio who (unexplained  by the storyteller) created him. Suri explores and runs through Rioux’s explicit character driven world as Suri evades the pursuers and bounced back from every difficult exploration. After several narrow escapes, the author sends Suri down her path, with the dog and imp in tow, as she continued within her career as a monster tamer.


A New Person

Today I listened to a prospective candidate for the position of principal at our school. She is very well qualified and it sounds like our school would be something that would be enriched by her leadership skills.

However, she would be the FOURTH principal I will have work for at our school. Our school has been open for two years. She would be the seventh principal I will have worked for in as many years. Each principal has had their own good and bad points.

This is not really the biggest issue. I would like our school to be known as a good school. A school that is in the green and people want to come and enroll their children.

This is HARD!!!!

Habitually Seeking God

April 11, 2013
Let’s be honest, okay?  Establishing a new habit is hard.  I am at the point where I am tired of the habit of seeking God.  I seek him in the morning and then I write about it at night.  Please don’t misunderstand, I would seek God in the past.  Not just when things were bad, but I will say that was the quickest way for me to come to the throne.
In Chapter 10, Lead Your Family Like Jesus, Ken discusses how to stay close to God.  As I reviewed the chapter for this blog, I realised that I am not just going for one principle, I am really trying to implement an entire section: 
 Part IV The Habits.  
1.  Solitude:  Be still and know that I am God.  
2.  Prayer: a conversation with God and Ken suggests ACTS as a way to pray.
A: adoration
C: confession
T: thanksgiving
S: Supplication
Actually, this follows another template, The Lord’s Prayer
3.  Studying and Applying Scripture:  How does the Bible affect you on a daily basis?
4.  Accepting God’s Unconditional Love
5.  Involvement of Supportive Relationships
Reading this section over again made me want to discontinue the process making it my habit to meet with God each morning and evening.  They are mainly selfish reasons.  I do enjoy solitude and prayer, I realise that steps 3-5 are difficult for me especially as a parent.  I look at my children and realised that by not following God as I should have, by implementing steps 3-5, they lost out.  
I know that God has forgiven me for my lack as a parent, but I pray that he will restore my relationship with my children.  I would like them to go out in the world and practice all five steps.


Habitually Seeking God

Habitually Seeking God

This is an app and if you look it says raising readers. I think that this something we need to take into account because this open our minds. It allows thoughts to come in and provides us with the one things God most wanted us to have FREE WILL.

We just need to excercise good common sense when we use it.

Habitually Following God, Day 2

April 2, 2013

Habitually Following God
Day 2
Today I got up a little earlier, but so did my husband.  It gave us a chance to talk and then I prayed, head, shoulders, knees and toes and also for clarity.  God and I had breakfast together.  While I drove to work I listen to my Romans, chapter 1-8.  By the time I got to work, I was really into the chapters that Paul had written and realized how much they had pertained to me.  Giving it all to God doesn’t mean perfection, but it does mean making the choice.  I guess that it was I got out of it was I needed to make the choice.  The really cool thing was that tonight I went to pick up my daughter from her night class.  I DO NOT LIKE TO DRIVE IN THE DARK.  I, ESPECIALLY, DO NOT LIKE TO DRIVE IN THE DARK WHEN IT IS RAINING OR SNOWING. However, but the time I got to her school I wasn’t feeling stressed.  My daughter noticed that when we got home, we arrived at a decent time and I hadn’t prayed out loud the whole time we drove home.  It really helps to start your day with God. Image

Habitually Following God, first day

April 1, 2013

Today did not go as well as I wanted to make it go.  I did spend 15 minutes with God specifically and prayed head, shoulders, knees and toes for my children.  I also go the thought all day on how I could have rearranged this this.  So. . . . . tomorrow I try again.
However, I did list to Joyce Meyers and coincidentally she has a book  about good habits bad habits and how to make and break habits.  I don’t think it is a coincidence that I am establishing (not trying, I will do this) this new habit.