I Should Have Stayed Home



I Should Have Stayed Home
A Novel
Horace McCoy

Ralph Carston has come to Hollywood to become a star. However, Ralph finds that his accent is one strike against him. He is staying with Mona Matthews, who is also trying for the brass ring of stardom. Events in a courtroom ring them the notoriety and inclusion into a social circle that was formally denied to them. Ralph becomes a “special friend” to a wealthy widow who says she will help him, but really won’t. This book describes an existence of what happens when a dream does not come true, but you don’t or can’t really go back home.

This sad story was written from the perspective of a man who is trying to make it in Hollywood. There are times I feel sorry for him, but there are other times when I think “grow a spine.” Either way, I suggest you read the book from the perspective that this book takes a real look at how dreams die.


Something Wicked



Something Wicked (The Colony)
Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush
Kensington Books


A group of women who are related live together on an Oregon coastal hamlet of Deception Bay. They have a variety of powers that are extremely scary. One of the women had the power to seduce men and as a result had several children. Most of the boys were adopted out, the one who stayed is dead and one of the adopted sons is coming back . . . .

Detective Savannah Dunbar, who is eight months into a surrogate pregnancy for her sister Kristina. Savannah wants to have the baby, wrap up her paperwork so she can have a stress free medical leave, and return to her work. However, a double murder has interrupted those plans, a request from the Colony and something is bothering her sister.

There is evil in the air and Savannah is right in the middle of it.


This book grips you as you are reading the story. Just when you think you have it figured out, it changes or another element has been added to the story. Do not read the book alone with a fire burning, it is most definitely a book to read during the broad light of day. But read it!!!

Cropped to Death



A Faith Hunter Scrap This Mystery (#1)
Christina Freeburn


Faith Hunter has moved back home after a disastrous career in the Army (according to her). Now she is now back home, working for her grandmothers store, Scrap This. Her grandmothers want her to settled, married and happy. Faith would like to forget the past, not let it affect her present and make Scrap This a successful store for her grandmothers. Unfortunately, one of the employees have been accused of murdering her soon to be ex husband. The detective in charge is new to small town life and does not want Faith involved in the investigation. Life is a mess!


The book is a good cozy mystery. I do wish that the author brought the backstory to the fore front sooner. I did not like the teasers of the backstory. I think people will enjoy this book. A good read!!!

Pop Out and Paint



Pop-Out & Paint Farm Animals
Cindy A. Littlefield

This is a great book for children and parents or students and teachers to work on together. So many teachers use these animals for their themes at school. Rather than buying the animals, this would be a great back to school activity and the teachers could put them out when the student is the person of the week. It would be a great highlight.

Ms. Littlefield did a great job in putting this book together and providing all of the necessary information in doing a good job with the animals.

Maggie’s Chopsticks



Maggie’s Chopsticks
Alan Woo
Kids Can Press

Maggie is learning how to eat with chopsticks. Everyone in her family as a district way of eating their food with their chopsticks. The style reflects the personality of the each member of her family. Maggie practices with her chopsticks until she finally develops her own stye of eating with the chopsticks. Children will learn that their personality is uniquely their own and it is something to make them proud

The Adventures of a South Pole Pig or Follow your dreams



The Adventures of a South Pole Pig
A novel of snow and courage
Chris Kurtz

Children’s Fiction
Flora spots a team of sled dogs is the day she sets her heart on becoming a sled pig. She gets herself worked up and before she knows it, she’s on board a ship to Antarctica for the most exciting adventure of her life. This novel of a purposeful pig is sure to become a favorite with any young readers who have ever dreamed of exploring the great beyond.(less) This book will remind children why it is good follow your dream and no dream is worthless!